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We are experts in the preparation of burnt wood, with many years of successful experience in preparing wood for facades, terraces, fences and interiors, and we guarantee a high quality and long-lasting result. Our aim is to help you create a cosy and sustainable environment using a natural, time-tested woodworking method.


Naturalness, aesthetics and durability. The burnt wood facade is not only resistant to environmental influences, but also gives the building a very aesthetic and natural look.


Quality, style and durability. Burnt wood fencing is the perfect choice for an attractive, quality and durable solution.


Style, aesthetics and durability. A terrace made of burnt wood will not only look stylish, it will also be extremely resistant to environmental influences.


For exclusive and health-friendly solutions. Burnt wood will not only give you a unique aesthetic look, but also sustainability, environmental friendliness and your health.


Each type of burnt wood prepared using the Yakisugi (or Shou Sugi Ban) technology is unique and has its own characteristic texture and appearance. We invite you to take a closer look at our products.


We invite you to take a closer look at our products.

Types and colours of burnt wood

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