How burnt wood is superior to natural wood


Yakisugi or Shou sugi ban, a unique woodworking technique originating from Japan, is becoming increasingly popular in many European countries as well as in Lithuania. Specialists have pointed out the many advantages of burnt wood compared to ordinary wood. What are they?

There is an agreement from specialists that burnt wood is distinguished by its resistance to environmental factors and its unique aesthetic appearance.

Yakisugi technology involves burning the wood at high temperatures, then combing, dry-cleaning and coating the boards with natural oils. Hundreds of years ago, this traditional Japanese woodworking technique was pioneered to protect wood from the effects of the environment. Burnt wood, due to its structurally altered surface, becomes less waterproof, resistant to fire, UV rays, rotting, cracks and is not attacked by insects and rodents. Burnt wood lasts longer and can be enjoyed for decades without changing its appearance.

Burnt wood is an environmentally friendly and health-friendly solution. The wood is processed in a natural way, without the use of any chemicals, making it environmentally and health friendly. The natural oil used to coat the finished wood, which is free of any chemicals, provides a healthier environment and reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions and respiratory problems, unlike the paints and varnishes normally used for wood. The unique technology also effectively protects the wood against mould.

Burnt wood also provides an exceptional aesthetic appearance, making it the perfect choice for those looking for custom solutions and naturalness. Thanks to a specific treatment process, the burnt wood is distinguished by its rich earthy colours – available in charcoal black, grey, greenish, reddish and brown shades. Each wood burning is an individual process, with the colour and intensity of the wood created according to your wishes and vision, ensuring a unique look every time. This method is also perfect for those who are not interested in the natural texture of wood – the fire treatment brings out the wood’s distinctive pattern, making each burnt wood board unique.

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