Yakisugi (or - Shou Sugi Ban), a unique Japanese wood burning technology that has been perfected over many years and is gaining increasing recognition in many countries around the world, is the most natural way to prepare wood, giving it a perfect aesthetic appearance and providing effective protection against environmental influences. To ensure the longevity of our products, we use the most durable woods - spruce, pine and larch.

Do you want to create a natural and stylish look for your building, while ensuring sustainability and longevity? Yakiwood burnt wood is exactly what you need.


How it all works

  1. The outer part of the wooden planks is precision-baked at high temperatures to give the wood an exceptionally rich shade and bring out its distinctive texture. If the boards are being prepared for a fence, they are burnt on both sides.
  2.  The boards are brushed with special brushes to achieve a distinctive wood grain.
  3. Cleaning dirt, burnt particles.
  4. The wood is coated with special natural oils.

The origins of the technology

Yakisugi (or – Shou Sugi Ban), a traditional Japanese woodworking technique that has been around for centuries, was introduced to protect wood from the exposure to the elements. Burning shrinks the pores on the surface of the wood, making it stronger and more resilient. Wood treated in this way is virtually impermeable to water, resistant to fire, insects and rot, and less prone to splitting or cracking. At the same time, it retains its characteristics, naturalness, pattern and colour.