For exclusive and health-friendly solutions. Burnt wood will not only give you a unique aesthetic look, but also sustainability, environmental friendliness and your health

We spend most of our time at home, so we pay special attention to the interior. Wood processed according to the unique Japanese wood-burning technology Yakisugi (or – Shou Sugi Ban) is the perfect choice for those looking for a natural and health-friendly material, but at the same time for an unconventional and unique interior solution.

Burnt wood panelling not only adds a luxurious originality, but its unique technology also ensures its durability. Unlike ordinary wood, which is usually coated with paints or varnishes that are rich in various chemicals, burnt wood is impregnated with an all-natural oil to ensure its durability and long life.

Are you looking to create a unique and stylish home interior while ensuring naturalness and sustainability? Yakiwood burnt wood is exactly what you need. Our professional experts will answer all your questions and offer the most suitable solution for your interior, based on your needs and expectations.

Work process

In the Yakisugi process, the wood is first burnt at high temperatures. The wood for the fence is burnt on both sides of the board. The burning gives the wood an exceptionally rich colour and brings out its distinctive texture. The wood is then brushed with special brushes to bring out its distinctive pattern. Dirt, fine burnt particles and dust are then removed. The final step is to coat the wood with a natural oil that does not contain any harmful substances. This treatment not only gives the wood an exceptional aesthetic appearance, but also provides effective protection against the effects of external factors (water, fire, UV rays, insects, rot). To ensure that the fence lasts longer, we use the most durable woods – spruce, pine and larch.

Interested? Yakiwood’s experienced specialists, who have mastered the unique Japanese wood burning technology, are ready to listen to your expectations and help you achieve them.

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