Burnt wood – for those looking for unique and sustainable solutions


Burnt wood technology, which is rapidly gaining popularity in many parts of the world, has been used in Japan since the 18th century to give wood a distinctive aesthetic appearance and to help protect it from environmental influences. However, it is known to have even older origins, as this woodworking method was used long before that for the construction of buildings near water bodies. Compared to natural wood, burnt wood has many advantages: it is more resistant to water, fire and UV rays, and it is free from insects and rodents. Fire-treated wood is almost impermeable to water, resistant to rotting, splitting and cracking thanks to its structurally altered surface. Burnt wood is distinguished by its unique colours ranging from charcoal black and graphite to rich pink and natural brown shades. The distinctive texture of each wood is also highlighted – each burnt wood board is unique. The wood treated using this method is protected by an all-natural oil that does not contain any harmful substances. In contrast, the paints and varnishes normally used on wood are full of them. This unique technology also effectively protects wood against mould, so you can enjoy not only a unique environment, but also a healthier environment – you’ll be protected against allergies and respiratory problems.

When wood is treated with this technology, it is first burnt at a high temperature, then the boards are combed, dry-cleaned and coated with natural oils. Burnt wood has a wide range of applications, both in natural surroundings and in urban environments, and will make a facade, fence or terrace look unique and durable, and will add a cosy touch to interiors. Fire-treating wood using the ancient Yakisugi (or Shou Sugi Ban) technique is a very natural way to achieve an exceptional result without any additional tools. According to the experts, this treatment extends the lifetime of the wood by up to a century, making it not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a very durable and sustainable solution. To ensure durability, the most durable woods – spruce, pine and larch – are used. Fire-treated wood is also easy to maintain – oiling every five years is sufficient to keep the appearance unchanged. Experts agree that burnt wood is the perfect choice for those who appreciate environmentally friendly materials, want to contribute to the preservation of the environment and are looking for rational and sustainable solutions.


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